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Each month, a Premium CfM Watercolor subscriber will receive a special half-pan, which is part of a limited-edition batch of handmade, pure, high-quality pigment watercolors. The watercolors are of a higher price point due to the rare qualities of this series of pigments. Most of these colors will never be available in our shop and will be online only after our subscriptions have been filled!

The quarterly editions are themed and outlined below. Please note that some pigments may alter depending on availability, but the themes will stay. An information sheet will accompany each package! Happy painting!

2016-17 CFM Premium Watercolor Subscription

$45 for a three month subscription 


SPECIAL PINKS / Quarter Two 2017

APRIL / Pinkcolor / special made by Kremer Pigment

MAY / Carmine Naccarat / made from Cochineal

JUNE / Pink Pipestone / pink clay pigment from Minnesota


JASPERS / Quarter Three 2017
pure mineral pigment

JULY / Red Jasper

AUGUST / Yellow Jasper

SEPTEMBER / Green Jasper


MAYAN BLUES / Quarter Four 2017
made in the traditional Mayan way

OCTOBER / Mayan Blue and Mayan Yellow

NOVEMBER / Mayan Indigo and Mayan Royal Blue

DECEMBER / Mayan Green and Mayan Red


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