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Limited Edition: Azurite Optima

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Limited Edition: Azurite Optima


Limited Edition: Azurite Optima
Azurite is a stunning blue natural copper carbonate mineral.  The mineral is found around the world commonly in the oxidized areas of copper containing ore deposits.  This wide-spread origin has lead to over 45 forms of azurite blue discovered.  

Use of the azurite mineral as a pigment dates back as far as the Fourth Dynasty in Egypt.  From the fifteenth century to the middle of the seventeenth century, azurite was the most significant blue pigment in European painting. Until modern chemical analysis proved azurite as more frequently used, many believed lapis lazuli was the dominant blue.  It was discovered that the two were also used together with the the less expensive, more opaque azurite used in under-painting and the more transparent lapis lazuli applied in glazes.   

The mineral can change in response to air and slowly turn into green malachite over time.  The mineral’s composition and sensitivity to air conditions allow for a green tint and kind of patina underlayer to occur sporadically when used in painting.

Azurite Optima is a greenish-toned azurite similar to our other Azurite but with less Malachite contained within.

Handmade in our shop using the highest quality earth pigment and natural watercolor binding medium made from gum arabic (sap from acacia trees,) honey, glycerine and distilled water.

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