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Limited Edition: Green Opal

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green opal.jpg

Limited Edition: Green Opal



Lush Green Opal is sourced from natural Opalite, a stone composed of layers and layers of tiny silicon dioxide spheres.  This Opalite represents the beginning phase of an Opal gemstone’s natural formation before the clear and iridescent qualities of the gem have been established.

Opal is created from a relationship between silicon dioxide and water.  Water runs down earth and seeps into the crevasses of rock, which then eventually evaporates and causes the silica to dry out and harden into Opal.

This lovely green offers and intense and warm earthiness, laying down thick and textured.

Handmade in our shop using the highest quality earth pigment and natural watercolor binding medium made from gum arabic (sap from acacia trees,) honey, glycerine and distilled water.

* depending on availability - please allow around a week for items to be shipped.

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