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NEW! Prussian Blue

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NEW! Prussian Blue


Prussian Blue

A beautiful, opaque dark blue. The pigment is produced from the oxidation of ferrous ferrocyanide salts and is the first modern synthetic pigment after the original composition and use of Egyptian Blue (originally manufactured synthetically by the ancient Egyptians) was lost after the rise of the Roman Empire. The color, also called Berlin, Parisian or Paris Blue, is the traditional “blue” in blueprints and Japanese woodblock prints. Likely created by accident around 1706 in Berlin, the color was prized by European artists of the time for its lightfastness compared to dye-based pigments and affordability compared to Lapis Lazuli. It was first written of in letters between a German scientist and the president of the Prussian Academy of Sciences, thus eventually earning the name Prussian Blue a few years later.

Prussian Blue is nontoxic with an intense color and (when not in paint form) has medicinal uses and has acted as an antidote for certain heavy metal poisoning. This rich blue has such an interesting background and relationship with other colors!

Handmade in our shop using the highest quality earth pigment and natural watercolor binding medium made from gum arabic (sap from acacia trees,) honey, glycerine and distilled water.

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