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NEW!!! Limited Edition Artist Palette: Shaine Drake Marbled 12 Set

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Shaine Swatch Use.jpg
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NEW!!! Limited Edition Artist Palette: Shaine Drake Marbled 12 Set


Limited Edition Artist Palette: Shaine Drake Marbled 12 Set
available in an edition of 40

We are super excited to introduce our second artist series palette with our shop manager, artist, marbler and friend Shaine Drake! This palette consists of a special set of 12 marbled colors made from 24 of our pigments that were chosen to highlight unique and unexpected combinations in order to make a beautiful third color! All of these paints were lovingly handmade over the past few months by our team of paint-makers.

The set is not only beautiful to look at but also beautiful to paint with. Each swipe of the brush picks up a varied concentration of pigment resulting in subtle color variation.

The set includes fluorescent pigments mixed with earths, cobalts mixed with transparent pigments and heavy pigments mixed with light ones. We love how this brings a new level of experimentation and play to the painting process and hope that it inspires you to think about your work and ways of painting in a new light.

Each watercolor is wrapped in our labels that were marbled by Shaine and then letterpress gold foil stamped. Each set has its own unique colorway due to the hand marbled papers and will be mailed at random after purchase! Also included in the set is a hand painted swatch card.

Terra Ercolano / Primary Red
Buff Titanium / Cobalt Yellow
Cobalt Green / French Ochre Extra Light
Fluorescent Blue / Ultramarine Violet
Rouge Vermilion / Ultramarine Blue Dark
Indigo / Primary Blue
Apricot Lake / Lavender Blue Lake
Graphite / Blue Ridge Violet Hematite
Cobalt Pale Blue / Emerald Green
Fluorescent Yellow / French Ochre Sahara
Ultramarine Pink / Fluorescent Brick Red
French Vermilion / Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre

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