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Stories of Pigment and Paint!

My obsession with pigment and what to do with it began down a side street in a hip neighborhood in Berlin, Germany. There is a shop there whose storefront windows hold an impressive display of brushes, tubs of plaster and wax, mixing bowls, palette knives and a large grouping of old jars filled to the brim with brightly colored powders. Bright yellows in varying shades and intensities, pinks, corals and deep reds and so many blues. Inside the shop all of the colored powders are held in individual tubs and the tubs sit on shelves which fill an entire wall. A few years ago I stood in front of that wall of colors and looked inside every one of those tubs at the rich, dense pigments inside. Bright yellow, lemon yellow and golden yellow. Across from the wall of colored powders were brown paper bags and scoops and a scale--just like the bulk section of a health food store but for buying color! I turned back to the wall. The blues had me. Ultramarine Light and medium and dark. Cobalt blue, prussian blue and cerulean. I left with a kilo of ultramarine blue dark and a scribbled on piece of paper with notes from the owner of the shop about how to mix this bright blue pigment powder into a clear varnish so I could paint my entire staircase at home.




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