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April 11 // Earth Pigment Watercolor Make & Paint


April 11 // Earth Pigment Watercolor Make & Paint


Tuesday, April 11th 6-8:30

Join Case for Making shop owner Alexis Joseph and watercolor artist Lindsay Stripling for this mashup watercolor workshop! We will work together to make earth pigment watercolors and then learn techniques to mix and paint with them! We will learn about the pigments, watercolor medium, tools and processes necessary to make watercolors and then go through a series of exercises to learn about the medium and make a color chart so you can keep painting at home with a great base understanding of tints, tones and shades with paints you made yourself!

* students will leave with a ceramic mixing dish, 5 colors, a brush, pencil and completed color chart
* all materials provided
* recommended age 14+


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